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Let Miss angel help guide you, with

her intuitive gifts...

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I am Angel, a professional intuitive, a reader, a life coach, a writer and a singer. I am 48 years old, a mother of two sons and a grandmother as well. I have survived 40 years of traumatic experiences and have died twice giving birth at 19 years old. I am currently enjoying my life to the fullest. I am blessed to have been opened up to my inner calling and spirituality in helping others.

This is not just a business for me but a life path that I was destined for. I thank spirit for all of my blessings and everything I have been given in my life through my family and friends. I have been through many challenges and it has not been an easy journey but I have been a warrior through it all.

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I was meant to suffer and anguish, as difficult as that may sound. I am currently in the process of publishing my first book in a series. A memoir, telling my life story, including poetry, songs, journal pages, and to bring out the shadow side of my P.T.S.D. That many people don't see or know about. I want to assist many with the experiences I have been through by fulfilling my dream of helping others to succeed and live more meaningful lives.

 Grab a copy of my book : 

"Little Girl Lost" 

And take the journey with me of what I went through and how I survived. 

Life is precious and it is my desire to enjoy and savor every moment. Believe in yourself... Life is so beautiful... so love it to the Fullest... and DON'T EVER SETTLE...

Many Blessings 

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Love & Light